Jaime,  47 years old Visite en couple Lyon (69)

Great park for both fun & educational reasons for all ages. Tickets to the park & food served in different restaurants located in the park are affordable. The Management may wish to develop its merchandising products especially T-Shirts and/or sweaters for adults.

Steve,  54 years old Visite en famille Worcester (United Kingdom)

Absolutely excellent day out. We ran out of time to cover everything, as we had on our previous visit. However, the real issue we had is that none of the food outlets has anything that is aimed at vegetarians - this is a real problem. Please could you try to cater for vegetarians (nothing except a poor salad option for my daughter).

Margaret,  72 years old Visite en famille St Severin (16)

Very impressed overall by the whole experience. However we did not need the translation boxes and ear phones which were on offer as soon as we entered the park. We went for the evening and easily found places to eat and drink fairly cheaply. The nocturne experience at 10.15 was absolutely amazing.
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