Jaime,  48 years old Visite en couple Lyon (69)

Great park for both fun & educational reasons for all ages. Tickets to the park & food served in different restaurants located in the park are affordable.

Nicola,  41 years old Visite en famille BRISTOL (United Kingdom)

Really wonderful place to visit. Great attractions throughout the park. Food good but the staff are extremely unhelpful. The attraction staff not much better. Buying a fast pass is a must. We spoke in French to order staff shrugged and made out she did not understand. Looking at bill we noticed that my child had been charged a adult price even though we purchased two meals and a child's meal. Pointing this out she got angry. The manager was called and he was very apologetic and said sorry it obvious that your 8 year old should be charged as a child. Very miserable staff (maybe had enough of tourists) After visiting the Zoo a few days before there really is no question that this is the norm as the Zoo staff could not be more welcoming. Really worth a visit but just to be aware.

Couly,  13 years old Visite entre amis Rambouillet (United Kingdom)

What a sensational attractions ! It’s a extraordinary experience. Its crazy, amazing and breathtaking.
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