Jaime,  47 years old Visite en couple Lyon (69)

Great park for both fun & educational reasons for all ages. Tickets to the park & food served in different restaurants located in the park are affordable.

en riz tiri,  19 years old Visite entre amis jaaka (Zimbabwe)

i have visited the futuroscope and i love this parc. I to advise you to go in futuroscope!!!! but is very more bad than disney
  • Date of the visit 15/10/2017
  • Overall rating
  • Favourite attraction Aerobar

Romaric,  17 years old Visite entre amis Ashford (United Kingdom)

The park was very huge and amazing , it allows to discover space , travel in the world.  There is a lot of staff and they are very helpful , there are some restaurants in the park. I’m very impressed by attractions , It's cool Dance with robots is the best attraction i think, it was thrilling i like that, but this day was really short but it's be enough to do all the main attractions 
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